Most and Least Expensive Private Universities by State

Many details get lost when looking at averages. Here we take a look at each US state's most and least expensive private 4-year universities

As a followup on our Most and Least Expensive Public Universities by State report, we've decided to run the same analysis on only private universities.

To repeat from the first report, this report to us leans towards being more interesting than actually useful, but someone might find good use of it. It is important to note that this report is using the most recent data the Department of Education has for each school (circa 2017), and that these are all private universities, so you won't be finding any of the popular Big 10 or SEC schools in this list. We also only looked at in-state tuition costs, so the typically much higher out-of-state costs are not factored in at all.

Rank School Name Tuition
Alabama Most Expensive Spring Hill College $37,584
Least Expensive Amridge University $6,900
Alaska Most Expensive Alaska Pacific University $20,760
Least Expensive Alaska Bible College $9,350
Arizona Most Expensive Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott $34,662
Least Expensive Western International University $6,000
Arkansas Most Expensive Hendrix College $44,070
Least Expensive Arkansas Baptist College $8,760
California Most Expensive Harvey Mudd College $54,636
Least Expensive Bethesda University $7,898
Colorado Most Expensive Colorado College $52,818
Least Expensive Colorado Technical University-Colorado Springs $11,689
Connecticut Most Expensive Trinity College $54,770
Least Expensive Holy Apostles College and Seminary $7,750
Delaware Most Expensive Wesley College $26,406
Least Expensive Wilmington University $10,940
District of Columbia Most Expensive George Washington University $53,518
Least Expensive Strayer University-District of Columbia $13,857
Florida Most Expensive University of Miami $48,484
Least Expensive Hobe Sound Bible College $6,595
Georgia Most Expensive Emory University $49,392
Least Expensive Luther Rice College & Seminary $7,240
Hawaii Most Expensive Hawaii Pacific University $24,550
Least Expensive Chaminade University of Honolulu $24,514
Idaho Most Expensive Northwest Nazarene University $29,000
Least Expensive Brigham Young University-Idaho $4,018
Illinois Most Expensive University of Chicago $56,034
Least Expensive National Louis University $10,440
Indiana Most Expensive University of Notre Dame $51,505
Least Expensive Mid-America College of Funeral Service $11,900
Iowa Most Expensive Grinnell College $50,714
Least Expensive Palmer College of Chiropractic $9,096
Kansas Most Expensive MidAmerica Nazarene University $29,670
Least Expensive Donnelly College $7,140
Kentucky Most Expensive Bellarmine University $40,750
Least Expensive Kentucky Mountain Bible College $7,760
Louisiana Most Expensive Tulane University of Louisiana $52,960
Least Expensive New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary $8,040
Maine Most Expensive Colby College $53,120
Least Expensive Purdue University Global-Lewiston $12,475
Maryland Most Expensive Johns Hopkins University $52,170
Least Expensive Faith Theological Seminary $5,870
Massachusetts Most Expensive Tufts University $54,318
Least Expensive New England College of Business and Finance $12,040
Michigan Most Expensive Kalamazoo College $46,840
Least Expensive Baker College $9,360
Minnesota Most Expensive Carleton College $52,782
Least Expensive Northwestern Health Sciences University $10,684
Mississippi Most Expensive Millsaps College $38,930
Least Expensive Southeastern Baptist College $5,165
Missouri Most Expensive Washington University in St Louis $51,533
Least Expensive Logan University $6,860
Montana Most Expensive Carroll College $34,480
Least Expensive Salish Kootenai College $4,311
Nebraska Most Expensive Creighton University $38,750
Least Expensive Summit Christian College $6,560
Nevada Most Expensive Sierra Nevada College $32,639
Least Expensive The Art Institute of Las Vegas $17,410
New Hampshire Most Expensive Dartmouth College $53,368
Least Expensive Thomas More College of Liberal Arts $21,000
New Jersey Most Expensive Stevens Institute of Technology $50,554
Least Expensive Rabbinical College of America $11,100
New Mexico Most Expensive Santa Fe University of Art and Design $32,346
Least Expensive University of the Southwest $16,200
New York Most Expensive Columbia University in the City of New York $57,208
Least Expensive Mirrer Yeshiva Cent Institute $7,260
North Carolina Most Expensive Duke University $53,500
Least Expensive Heritage Bible College $8,328
North Dakota Most Expensive University of Jamestown $21,158
Least Expensive Turtle Mountain Community College $2,250
Ohio Most Expensive Kenyon College $53,560
Least Expensive Allegheny Wesleyan College $5,000
Oklahoma Most Expensive University of Tulsa $41,509
Least Expensive Randall University $13,640
Oregon Most Expensive Reed College $54,200
Least Expensive Pioneer Pacific College $13,338
Pennsylvania Most Expensive Franklin and Marshall College $54,380
Least Expensive Curtis Institute of Music $2,675
Rhode Island Most Expensive Brown University $53,419
Least Expensive New England Institute of Technology $28,656
South Carolina Most Expensive Furman $48,348
Least Expensive Clinton College $7,949
South Dakota Most Expensive Augustana University $31,960
Least Expensive Sinte Gleska University $3,154
Tennessee Most Expensive Rhodes College $46,504
Least Expensive American Baptist College $10,074
Washington Most Expensive Charter College $21,908
Least Expensive Charter College $21,908