Most and Least Expensive Public Universities by State

Many details get lost when looking at averages. Here we take a look at each US state's most and least expensive 4-year universities

When we decided to look at the most and least expensive public colleges by state, we weren't ready for some of the odd tidbits of information that came out of our analysis. For instance, there are some major schools that you would expect to see on here like Ohio State or Penn State, but they were no where to be seen.

To us, this report leans towards being more interesting to us than actually useful, but some might find this of use when looking to find the cheapest public bachelors degree in a specific state. It is important to note that this report is using the most recent data the Department of Education has for each school (circa 2017), and that these are all public universities, so you won't be finding any Ivy League schools in this list. We also only looked at in-state tuition costs, so the typically much higher out-of-state costs are not factored in at all.

Rank School Name Tuition
Alabama Most Expensive University of Montevallo $12,400
Least Expensive University of South Alabama $7,812
Alaska Most Expensive University of Alaska Southeast $6,828
Least Expensive University of Alaska Fairbanks $6,262
Arizona Most Expensive University of Arizona $11,877
Least Expensive Dine College $1,410
Arkansas Most Expensive University of Arkansas $9,062
Least Expensive University of Arkansas-Fort Smith $5,577
California Most Expensive University of California-Santa Barbara $14,451
Least Expensive California State University-Fresno $6,585
Colorado Most Expensive Colorado School of Mines $18,386
Least Expensive Colorado Mountain College $1,840
Connecticut Most Expensive University of Connecticut $14,880
Least Expensive Charter Oak State College $7,983
Delaware Most Expensive University of Delaware $13,160
Least Expensive Delaware State University $7,868
District of Columbia Most Expensive University of the District of Columbia $5,756
Least Expensive University of the District of Columbia $5,756
Florida Most Expensive Florida International University $6,556
Least Expensive Broward College $1,415
Georgia Most Expensive Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus $12,418
Least Expensive East Georgia State College $3,110
Hawaii Most Expensive University of Hawaii at Manoa $11,754
Least Expensive University of Hawaii Maui College $3,158
Idaho Most Expensive University of Idaho $7,488
Least Expensive Lewis-Clark State College $6,334
Illinois Most Expensive University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign $15,074
Least Expensive Chicago State University $10,252
Indiana Most Expensive Indiana University-Bloomington $10,533
Least Expensive Vincennes University $5,737
Iowa Most Expensive University of Iowa $8,965
Least Expensive Iowa State University $8,636
Kansas Most Expensive University of Kansas $10,824
Least Expensive Haskell Indian Nations University $480
Kentucky Most Expensive University of Kentucky $11,942
Least Expensive Kentucky State University $8,184
Louisiana Most Expensive Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College $11,374
Least Expensive Southern University at New Orleans $6,421
Maine Most Expensive Maine Maritime Academy $13,278
Least Expensive University of Maine at Machias $7,680
Maryland Most Expensive St. Mary's College of Maryland $14,496
Least Expensive University of Maryland-University College $7,296
Massachusetts Most Expensive Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology $17,450
Least Expensive Massachusetts Maritime Academy $8,398
Michigan Most Expensive Michigan Technological University $15,074
Least Expensive Schoolcraft College $3,668
Minnesota Most Expensive University of Minnesota-Twin Cities $14,417
Least Expensive Metropolitan State University $7,859
Mississippi Most Expensive Mississippi State University $8,318
Least Expensive Mississippi Valley State University $6,422
Missouri Most Expensive University of Missouri-Columbia $9,787
Least Expensive Harris-Stowe State University $5,340
Montana Most Expensive Montana Technological University $7,125
Least Expensive The University of Montana-Western $5,502
Nebraska Most Expensive University of Nebraska-Lincoln $8,978
Least Expensive Wayne State College $6,848
Nevada Most Expensive University of Nevada-Las Vegas $7,665
Least Expensive Great Basin College $3,015
New Hampshire Most Expensive University of New Hampshire-Main Campus $18,067
Least Expensive Granite State College $7,593
New Jersey Most Expensive New Jersey Institute of Technology $16,898
Least Expensive Thomas Edison State University $7,300
New Mexico Most Expensive University of New Mexico-Main Campus $7,448
Least Expensive Navajo Technical University $4,070
New York Most Expensive University at Buffalo $9,828
Least Expensive United States Merchant Marine Academy $1,020
North Carolina Most Expensive University of North Carolina School of the Arts $9,338
Least Expensive Elizabeth City State University $4,986
North Dakota Most Expensive North Dakota State University-Main Campus $8,666
Least Expensive Bismarck State College $3,832
Ohio Most Expensive Miami University-Oxford $14,958
Least Expensive Miami University-Middletown $5,173
Oklahoma Most Expensive University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus $11,538
Least Expensive Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City $3,836
Oregon Most Expensive University of Oregon $11,931
Least Expensive Eastern Oregon University $8,362
Pennsylvania Most Expensive University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus $19,080
Least Expensive Kutztown University of Pennsylvania $9,987
Rhode Island Most Expensive University of Rhode Island $13,792
Least Expensive Rhode Island College $8,776
South Carolina Most Expensive Winthrop University $15,220
Least Expensive University of South Carolina-Aiken $10,502
South Dakota Most Expensive South Dakota School of Mines and Technology $10,400
Least Expensive Oglala Lakota College $2,684
Tennessee Most Expensive University of Memphis $9,317
Least Expensive Austin Peay State University $7,913

As a followup, we decided to also look at the Most and Least Expensive Private Universities by State.