529-Planning.com was born out a frustration from one family that couldn’t find all the college planning information in one spot. Data about our state of Pennsylvania was scattered across 5 different websites, and they all said something different. We needed to start planning how we were going to help pay for our three children’s college expenses now, and truth-be-told… we should have started yesterday.

I set out on a fact-finding mission. I scoured the web for data (by trade, I am a Data Engineer), downloaded thousands of rows of data from the Department of Education, and began crunching numbers. The result of this analysis was too good to not share with everyone else… so we created this website.

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Why Should You Trust Us?

While I am not a financial planner, I’ve dealt with 529 savings accounts for over a decade now. I currently have 529 plans setup for each of my three children here in Pennsylvania, where we live.

Higher education is something I strongly believe in; however, it is quickly becoming far too expensive for most of us to afford. Utilizing savings accounts like a 529 plan along with financial aid and scholarships can help reduce the burden of student loans that need to be paid back later.

On 529-Planning.com I dive into the data analysis of how the higher education’s cost continues to increase, along with the best ways to use 529 plans and other financial vehicles available to us.

College should be affordable to everyone, and I aim to provide as much information as possible to make that happen.

Chris Cagle
A Father Trying to Save for 3 Kids

Data Sources Used

I used a lot of data to build the reports on 529-Planning.com. Here are those sources:

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