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  1. Can the 529 be used for “ living expenses “ such as groceries and house supplies ( such as Walmart stuff like paper towels and toilet paper, etc )?

  2. My son’s college requires phone verification to access his college network (which includes the required college email he gets). He was having problems with his cellphone at the start of his college year which prevented him from doing necessary activities like responding via his email to the Disability Resource Center to get the help he needed for school. As such, is a cellphone purchase a valid 529 reimbursable purchase? (not the cellphone plan…which I understand is our responsibility….but is the cost of purchase the cellphone equipment an allowed 529 expense?)

    Also, is the warranty purchased with the computer also part of the valid 529 computer expense?

    If these are not, as long as the total of those amounts are not greater than the principal amount in the 529, should I be concerned?

  3. My child attends a Keiser University. Does this institution qualify for 529 plan tax free payments for tuition?

  4. Is a 529 plan limited to the amount of money it can pay for tuition for grades K-12?
    For example if tuition, is $20,000 for first grade, can a 529 account pay the entire $20,000 or is it limited.


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